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Aug 3-9, 2023   Bali, Indonesia

Awaken our smell the ocean mist, touch the soft sand, feel the warmth form the sunshine, hear the birds chipping, witness the beauty & magic in every turn of life again...

Slow down, unplug, allow the nature, silence & our gentle paced retreat to bring you back to your heart centre.

Every Brilliant Mind retreat will be guided by a registered counsellor/therapist & a registered coach/yoga/meditation teacher. 

Quiet space to rest & restore, gentle paced self-inquiry, daily mindful body movements, nurturing meals.

restore, explore, make new life long friends, discover the self, let go of something old, welcome of something new.

Let's find beauty inside & outside together, in the magical setting of Bali, Indonesia. 

Details coming soon, stay tuned!

Swimming in Island Beach
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