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We all know the endless benefit daily meditation brings, yet it seems so hard to do it everyday...The goal of this challenge is to help ourselves commit to, hold each other accountable, and ultimately establish the life changing habit of meditation.
  • starting on or after Jan 15, 2023, on a 30 day rolling basis.

  • daily guided meditation through Zoom

  • $150 upfront commitment 

  • Participants who successfully complete the 30 day meditation challenge will receive the full refund of $150, plus a surprise reward

  • For each missing/late session, $5 will be deducted for the participant, remainings will be refunded to the participant at the end of 30 days

  • once a week zoom call following Sunday practice for group connect, Q&A (Optional)


Early Bird Meditator

6.30am - 7am (MT)

Mother and Daughter Meditating

Night Owl Meditator

9.30pm - 10pm (MT)

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